About the Company:

Blackfire® is a company that is driven by innovation.

This passion for innovation comes from Blackfire® founder Bruce Ancona who spent 25 years as a consultant designing and developing successful, award winning, innovative and relevant products for national and international clients. Named as inventors on over 200 patents his team won numerous major design competitions and their work can be found in museum collections around the globe.

In 2008 Bruce Ancona began Blackfire® with the objective of transforming bright ideas into clever products, characterized by high‐end design. Breaking out of the “tubes with bulbs” mentality and providing real solutions that answered user needs made more sense.

Each Blackfire® product is thought of with the user foremost in mind. Questions are asked; what tasks will the user undertake and what are the needs around them? How do the products interact ergonomically with the user? What performance characteristics would be most beneficial to the user? Blackfire® began with Clamplight - a light like no other. Using state of the art LED technology we’ve added the ultimate in versatility and performance with the ability to swivel in multiple directions, clamp to various objects, and stand on surfaces. Since that time Blackfire® has added an entire range of products for specific needs. An emergency light, a fully waterproof light, a lantern, a worklight, and a spotlight are just some of them. The response from you the consumer, to what we are doing, has been overwhelmingly positive and helps fuel our passion to develop even more.

All Blackfire® products are protected by extensive patents and other intellectual property both in the US and abroad. Blackfire® works with only highly respected suppliers and puts each product through numerous testing and quality assurance procedures. Blackfire® strives to be as ecologically responsible within the competitive confines of the markets.

Above all we’ll be bringing you more and more products that bring a smile to your face when you realize you don’t have to put a flashlight in your mouth to use two hands to work or can really aim light exactly where you need it.