Blackfire® Clamplight is a perfect solution for:

Automotive - clamp to your hood and illuminate the engine.
Outdoors - clamp to your bass boat or tackle box when you're baiting hooks in low light.
DIY- clamp it to the door of the electrical box when changing a fuse.
Automotive - stand it up and illuminate your tire change.
Outdoor - clamp it to the ceiling of your tent so it doesn't take up valuable floor space.
DIY - clamp it to a pipe, the door or the jamb when doing under the sink plumbing.
Home - clamp in the inside door of the attic or basement so its convenient when you go in.
Outdoor - clamp it to a branch in your tree stand.
Hobby - clamp it to your hobby box when model making, beading or doing archiving.
Emergency - use its' versatility in any emergency situation such as a blackout.
Outdoor - stand it on a picnic table to read a map, or have a meal at the end of the day.
Automotive - put it in the glove compartment.
RV - clamp it anywhere and be assured it won't fall over when you are on the go.
Outdoor - clip it to the front of your canoe when you need to see your way home.
Recreation - attach it to your bicycle in a pinch when you need light.
Baby - attach it to your stroller.
DIY - bring light where no cord reaches.
Recreation - add light to your tailgating by clamping to your rear door or trunk lid.
Recreation - clamp to your chair for reading in the evening at the beach or on the patio.
Work - clamp to a shelf or computer for additional light.
DIY - fix things in your closet by clamping to a shelf.
Home - clamp it to your headboard for reading in bed.
Work - carry in a tool belt like any other light but with added functionality.
Automotive - direct its light to hard to reach places where large work lights cannot get to.
DIY - before lights are installed do carpentry and construction work with ample light.
Home - clamp it to a convenient spot so it is ready in an emergency.


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